About me

I am Kailai Cui. I am a senior at College of William and Mary. I am now looking for a CS PhD program.

My reserch interests include embedded and mobile systems, Internet of Things security and applied machine learning. I am eager to design systems that synthesize inputs from sensors and make decisions. I am also interested in making such systems secure, efficient and reliable.

At William and Mary, I am fortunate enough to work under the supervision of Dr. Gang Zhou. A major project I participated in is Light Auditor, in which we tackled IoT privacy via power side-channel auditing. Now, I am working on my honor thesis project which aims to infer user's activity of a smart IoT device based on the power consumption. Another project is to deploy the security system in the earlier project to real IoT devices.

Besides computer science, I am also a student of mathematics. I worked on computational group theory with Dr. Eric Swartz. I read about algorithms that search for permutation group elements by observing their actions on different graphs. The math classes I took, including analysis, algebra and topology have trained me to think rigorously and understand abstract concepts.